Conversations with Europe is a project created by Rebecca S. Buck. The objective is to bring together the voices of engaged pro-European people from across the European continent in the aftermath of the UK’s referendum on EU membership in June 2016.

The referendum debate, and result in favour of Brexit, has brought about a time of reflection on what Europe – and the EU – means. Can one be a citizen of their own country and a European? Is ‘ever closer union’ something to be wished for or frightened of? Can we really be united in diversity? What does the future look like for Europe?

Europe is far more than politics. The aim of Conversations with Europe is also to celebrate the diverse cultures of Europe. Where is the best place for coffee? Should we believe national stereotypes? Are people inspired by the idea of Europe?

The first participants in this project were representatives of the arts and creative sectors. It is the intention of the project to, first and foremost, seek the thoughts of artistic and creative people, and those in academic fields, rather than economists and politicians. However, no voice will be excluded as the project progresses.

Conversations with Europe is a imaginary coffee shop where we can all meet in discussion about Europe means and what it might be in the future. Where we can criticise and celebrate but ultimately know that we have more in common than we do different.

If you would like to take part in Conversations with Europe, please contact Rebecca for more information.


Rebecca S. Buck is a freelance novelist, scriptwriter and performer, as well as a heritage and arts sector professional, where she specialises in community engagement. She is an activist for the Liberal Democrats in her hometown of Nottingham, UK. She also lived in Slovenia for several years. She is unashamedly pro-European.