A Country and Western Brexit? Resisting Brexit through music.

A particular strand of the fight against Brexit that I’ve felt compelled to follow through the full two and a half years since the referendum is the use of music to fight Brexit, in the style of all the great protest movements of history.

To the substantial list of anti-Brexit songs comes ‘Theresa May’s a Remainer’, released last week and now aiming for chart success. This is a Country and Western style song from the Brexit Cowpokers, accompanied here by a video from Mark Duffy:

The objective, so says Peter Cook, the Chief Cowpoker, is to “ask our PM to put her spurs on and use the courage of her convictions to go with the will of the people and stop Brexit in favour of Remaining and Reforming Europe.  We ask Parliament not to accept Theresa’s false binary choice of “Deal or No Deal”, intended to bludgeon MP’s into accepting any Brexit at any cost, economically, socially and politically.”

The song lyrics to ‘Theresa May’s a Remainer’ give a “Hoedown evaluation” of the Brexit options on the blanket on the ground. The group want to chart the song on 21 December and impact mainstream culture.

There is a hefty dose of humour in the release of this record, however gloomy the Brexit outlook currently feels. Hence professional singer and voiceover artist Rachel Ashley aka “T May Whynette” said of the song:

“Theresa May is dun for unless she gets on a horse and runs down the wagons of rivals such as Jacob Rees Mogg and the Saddle Bums circling her reservation. Just like Johnny Major, she must hog tie and shoot the bastards with her revolver”

The project is the latest from Peter Cook’s Rage Against the Brexit Machine, using music to reach hearts instead of heads in the battle against Brexit.

Here’s what the Cowpokers are asking, from everyone who wants to get behind the release, and the objective:

  1. Buy the song in the week commencing until 23.59 Thursday 20 Dec on all platforms.  EVERY click counts towards chart success.  You can gift the song to weary Remainers or Leavers in regret, or just your Brexity friends.  We are all sick of Brexit.  Here are the main links to download – just click the images and follow through:

  2. Share the project widely with others. Keep sharing throughout the week.  We need a minimum of 20, 000 downloads to reach the UK Top 40 charts.  It should be simple if all the Remainers bought a copy.  Of course Brexit apathy is a thing and it’s Christmas, so we must press really hard.  If we succeed, we’ll inflict more mortal damage on the Brexit OCD that grips our Government.

  3. If you have contacts in the press, tell them about it using the press release at our “WebStable“.

  4. Join the Facebook event at A Country and Western Brexit.

Peter Cook is one of the most dogged of anti-Brexit fighters, and has recently even featured on Norwegian television and by the BBC.

As detailed before on this blog, Peter brings both his musical talent and his business acumen to his anti-Brexit projects, as well as an impressive network of contacts, many made through his years in science innovation, business and his Academy of Rock motivational business consultancy, whose clients include Virgin. Peter knows music, business and psychology, and music is just one of the mediums through which he fights Brexit, but arguably the one with the most impact.

In what looks to be another week of uncertainty and Brexit chaos, everything that pushes Theresa May away from her delusion of stability is more than welcome: imagine the impact of charting an anti-Brexit song now. Brexit is not yet dead, and projects like this are needed to finally kill it off – in hearts and well as heads. Perhaps it is in this way, with humour and music, as well as facts and unflinching determination, that the fight against this populist, media-distorted, Brexit will finally be won.

Follow Rage Against the Brexit Machine on Twitter and remember that every download counts.

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  1. All buying links here https://buggerbrexit.hearnow.com/

    Downloads are the simplest way to help chart the song – iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other major platforms.

    If you stream, pl note that we need 150 streams for ONE download so the best idea is to stream overnight with the volume off (You will be driven mad if you have the volume on !! ).

    Buying on CD Baby does NOT contribute to chart success so please avoid that platform.

    Thanks so much for your support.

    Let’s Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain !!!


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