In Limbo – Voices for Europe: Download the Music!

Anyone who follows this blog regularly will have seen previous interviews and features on Peter Cook, and Rage Against the Brexit Machine, using music to oppose Brexit.

As the country lurches closer to Brexit, the uncertain future faced by EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in other EU countries remains one of the most problematic and upsetting issues of the whole debacle. For his next project, Peter has been inspired by In Limbo, the book, which contains a powerful collection of personal stories from European citizens in the UK.  It is with these stories – and the many, many more – that we are reminded (and Brexiteers should be reminded) that Brexit is not just about politics, trade and border control. It is about human lives. If the rights of these citizens are being trampled all over and ignored, what chance do the rights of ordinary British citizens stand, as we also fight not to lose our citizenship rights and the protections of EU human rights and labour legislation.

Peter has been determinedly fighting Brexit with music since the referendum. His latest project is less a song of opposition, and more a song of awareness – it also uses the title ‘In Limbo’ and draws attention to the plight of all citizens left in this stage by the referendum result.

The Brexit Referendum was won by naked populism … We are fighting populism with pop music. We will fight them on the beaches, with our DJs, dancefloors and decks. Our turntables will turn the tables on Brexit. We shall never surrender” Peter Cook

I caught up with Peter to ask him about the new release:

What’s the song all about? “In Limbo” is a poignant piece of music inspired by the book of the same name, to highlight the desperate plight of EU Citizens left in uncertainty and fear for their futures, due to vacillation and abuse by our Government during the Brexit negotiations.

What do you hope to achieve with the song? We aim to crash the UK charts with the song, and send a message. We want to achieve wider awareness of the needs of this group of people, and indeed the plight of all 65 million UK citizens caught in limbo by the self-harming Brexit project. But we can only do this with people’s help: Please download the song on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. in the week commencing FRIDAY April 20.

(Download by following these links)


Would I be right in assuming a lot of work went into ‘In Limbo’? Yes! In Limbo gathered voices from all over Europe and as far afield as Thailand to tell the tales of people’s experiences of being treated as “Citizens of Nowhere”. In Limbo is truly an international effort and it has been a Herculian task to assemble the piece of work. Voices for Europe comprise some 30 + people on the song which gave us whopping 124 + tracks to assemble and mix. We will need 10-20 000 downloads of the songs from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play to propel it into the charts and thus “take back control” of our Brexit obsessed populist media machine.

Why is music your chosen weapon to fight Brexit? Music is the language of emotions. The 2016 referendum was won by a naked appeal to the emotions of people when Nigel Farage asked people to ‘vote with their hearts’ (bypassing their heads).  We must better his strategy. There is a  long legacy of protest through music. Billy Bragg stated that protest music is dead, but I don’t think so. If this song can get into the charts and achieve momentum, it will raise awareness and it will appeal to the emotions of people up and down the country. It will be an answer to the vicious and visceral populist media machine. The pro-EU campaign needs to start appealing to hearts as well as heads.

Are the other songs from Rage Against the Brexit Machine still available? Definitely! Find the full Rage Against The Brexit Machine catalogue, including ‘No, Jeremy Corbyn’ and ‘Jacob Rees-Moog’ at the Brexit Rage website 

Listen to the In Limbo Demo at SoundCloud



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