Shine A Light 4 Europe: 25 Feb 18.30 GMT

Last night, in a recording going out next Friday, I told the guys from the Previously in Europe podcast that one of the things I love about this blog – and being involved in the pro-EU community on social media – is all the creative ways people are campaigning against Brexit and showing their support for Europe and the EU. Yes, there are direct protests. But there is also music, art, community gatherings, letter writing… Campaigns as diverse and wonderful as the people who make up the community.

What is also wonderful is when that community unites behind an initiative. We’ve seen it with the #FBPE and #WATON tags on Twitter, and several Crowdfunded campaigns – such as Madeleina Kay’s Alba Whitewolf Goes to Europe children’s book, and the continually growing profile of the In Limbo testimonies project. Increasingly, despite political differences, Europe is bringing people together in creative, community-driven ways.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to feature Shine A Light 4 Europe, another project I found through that social media community. This one isn’t just an anti-Brexit campaign, it’s something much more profound, and Europe-wide.

On 25 February at 18.30GMT, an event is taking place across the whole of Europe. People will be gathering across the continent – and beyond – to express their pro-EU sentiment and stand up for the values of light, togetherness and cooperation in the face of Brexit. People will be gathering together to light up flashlights, phone torches, or any other electrical lights. In some cities, people will be gathering to share the light and also share photographs and social media posts.

No one need be excluded from this. If you cannot get to a location, you are encouraged to shine a light wherever you are and then share it on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #ShineALight4Europe

And, if you want a taster, Belfast are getting ahead of the game and holding their event a day early on Saturday 24th Feb at 6pm. I recommend sharing posts and using the hashtag. Tomorrow, let’s all shine a light for the EU values we hold dear. The EU isn’t perfect but it represents something special. A good time to remember the EU motto – United in Diversity.

Shine a Light 4 EU – Sunday 24th Feb, 18.30 GMT

The event has been planned and promoted by The 75%, representing the 75% of young people who voted to Remain.

See the official Facebook page for the event

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