A Song For Europe – Madeleina Kay

When I first interviewed Madeleina Kay, she was yet to become ‘EU Supergirl’ though she was certainly a leading pro-EU figure with her Letters2EU project and Alba Whitewolf books and illustrations. When I first interviewed Peter Cook, he was already leading the musical resistance to Brexit. The two combined for the Rage Against the Brexit Machine project – fighting Brexit with music. And now that project is reaching new heights with a new song…

Don’t you live your life of regret.

But on your fateful fortune I will place my bet.

Soon your unsubstantiated optimism.

Will dissolve amidst its criticisms.”

 The new song is Madeleina’s own: “Don’t Throw It All Away” It is a heartfelt setting of poetry to music and aims to speak, in a way the Remain side has often struggled to do, to hearts as well as minds. The song is about all the things we stand to lose if we leave the EU.

Madeleina, who is just 23, has been busy since I last chatted to her. You might have seen her on the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 News, France TV, German TV, The Telegraph and others. She proudly fell foul of both Alt Right fake new channel Breitbart and the Daily Mail. She has even just met hero of the Remain camp, Guy Verhofstadt. Indeed, ‘Don’t Throw It All Away’ was written in a stairwell at the European Union HQ after her most famous EU Supergirl moment to date – getting thrown out of the Chamber for wearing a Supergirl costume to a Brexit briefing with lead Brexiter, David Davis.

Image result for eu supergirl
Madeleina Kay as EU Supergirl at the EU Parliament earlier this year

Madeleina and Peter Cook (himself a musical, business, and networking force to be reckoned with) lead “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” from strength to strength as its profile grows and, with Brexit faltering, pro-EU campaigners feel emboldened. The constant refrain is that they are fighting Brexit populism with pop music.

There is also an orchestral version of  the song (“Don’t Throw It All Away”), recorded and produced by Peter Cook in his studio “The Basement of Cognition” with vocals recorded at (former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne) Bernie Tormé’s Barnroom Studios in darkest Kent.

Sony Records’ associate Mark Christopher Lee said of the song:

“Don’t Throw It All Away compares favourably with Sinead O’Connor’s version of “Vienna”.  There is also a little bit of Nico in Madeleina Kay’s voice”.

Don’t throw it all away.

There’s just so many reasons to stay.

And if you let me have my way

We’ll make a better tomorrow, today.

The emotion and passion in Madeleina’s lyric and vocal is undeniable. Gone are the days that the Remain campaign was ‘bloodless’, as Nick Clegg once described it. Those of us who are pro-EU are finding our passion, finding our voice and finally being heard, not as ‘experts’ who only talk about the economy, but as human beings who are citizens of the world and Europeans and who will fight Brexit, and the nasty, divisive, smallness it brings, with all of our hearts. Whether or not you like the antics of ‘EU Supergirl’ (and, we have to acknowledge that some don’t) and whether or not Madeleina’s song is your cup of tea, there is no denying that she, and the high profile team working with her, are putting the emotion back into the pro-EU fight. For that, if nothing else, anyone who loves the EU should go and buy this song, and send a message which goes beyond all borders – as the best music always does.

Check out the website for the project here

Watch a video preview of the song on YouTube:

Keep up to date with Rage Against the Brexit Machine activities on Twitter and join the Facebook group

Order it here:

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/…/dont-throw-it-all-awa…/1319644399

Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07856H1LZ

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album…

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