Letters to Europe – Reach out to our friends with this wonderful project!

I want to spread the word about a wonderful, positive project I’ve just become aware of: ‘Letters to Europe’. One of the strong urges I have felt, since the Brexit referendum a year ago, is the desire to tell our friends in continental Europe how strongly so many of us feel. They are our friends, we have so much in common. We do not want to be divided from them. To us, they are not ‘foreign’ or ‘other’: we are all European. I see posts (have written them myself) to European figures like Guy Verhofstadt on social media, simply asking to be heard, thankful that we can get our message out. So many of us who are pro-EU feel as though we’re held captive by our government and our media, by the so-called ‘Will of the People’. We need to get our words and emotions out, beyond this island, to our friends in Europe. This was one of the motivations behind creating this blog last year. So that our voices could be heard – including by our European family. We have so much to say to them.

With this in mind, I was excited to discover ‘Letters to Europe’ and talk to organiser Madeleina Kay about how it all works.

What is the Letters to Europe Project? 

The project is exactly what it says – they are going to take letters to Europe. Each of the letters will include a postcard with a unique message written by a Remainer on one side and a ‘Reasons to Remain’ poster (designed by Madeleina Kay) on the other. The letter will also contain a leaflet explain the project and a Dove of Peace EU badge.

Each postcard from a Remainer will be hand-written or printed. People are invited to submit a digital message via the website. There is no minimum or maximum number of words, even drawing pictures is welcome! And there are no guidelines other than that the message must be pro-Europe.

What will happen to the letters?

This is the exciting bit! The project organisers have planned a trip to Brussels in September, where they will give 1000 letters to members of the public, in a gesture of good-will and solidarity. In addition, the organisers will meet with the EU Parliament – the exact date is still to be arranged.

So what is happening now?

The drive now is fundraising, and collecting the letters. There is an additional hope to take the performers who have been at the anti-Brexit vigil at 10 Downing Street to Brussels too, if funds can be raised.

Where can you find out more, see the postcards and write your own letter to Europe?

Try the website!

Or the Facebook page…

Want to contribute to funds? Then head to the Crowdfunder.

Please do visit the website and Facebook page. Write a letter of your own. Donate. And share and spread the word! You can also find the group on Twitter – @Letters2EU

I love this project and will be writing my own letter this week. I hope other Europeans who feel stranded in the UK will join in and remind our friends across the water just how many of us feel united in our diversity, and will not be divided from them.


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